Walks Through Regency London

London Walks cover0001 Walks Through Regency London Cover LARGE EBOOK

Print edition                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Revised digital edition

This book, illustrated throughout with colour prints from my collection, is the first spin-off from the research for my novels. There are 10 walks which will take you from prisons to an operating theatre;  from monuments to heroes to the location of notorious gaming hells; through elegant parks to the only surviving coaching inn in London. It is a handy size for walking and you can find out more about it, and how to order it in paperback  here.

You can order from Amazon.co.uk here and from Amazon.com here

5 responses to “Walks Through Regency London

  1. Hi Louise!

    Since my first two loves that keep me going are coffee and hot chocolate if I could go back in time to the Regency era my first stop would be to wander down St. James’s Street and vist the the coffee or chocolate houses and clubs which for some two and a half centuries have made it and Pall Mall the social rendezvous of masculine aristocratic society in London.

    Of course I would probably first have to find an aristocrat to accompany me which may be a problem but perhaps Lord Hastings would be interested in meeting a relative of his from the colonies and escort me so my dream may in fact come true!


  2. Hi — will the ebook become available from B&N at some point?

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